In the busy – hustle and bustle of our lives, we tend to put God on hold…don’t we?

As humans, we tend to just stay busy…going throughout our days filled with work, kids, etc! It is just what we do 🙂

Our goals are to make things happen…forgetting who is REALLY in control of it all.  I can honestly say this mindset has almost always been my lifestyle…However, when God starts that work in you and begins to peel those layers back just like an onion…you begin to see things differently!

What is REALLY important??? What REALLY is our goal???

He has called us to FOLLOW HIM…that is what is really important and should really be our goal 🙂 Everything else is really just secondary, isn’t it???

Following Him requires quiet time with Him where we put the things of the world ON HOLD…He tells us in Psalm 46:10 to just “Be Still” – my all time favorite verse! WOW…what can take place when we just “Be Still” with Him 🙂

Moms…He really is in control – How hard that is for us though right???

Wives…He really is in control – WOW…how difficult can that be???

It can be a scary place to give up that control and just “Be Still” and let Him take it! He will though…if we just stay in obedience to His Word 🙂

In taking that time with God each day and putting the world ON HOLD…instead of Him…I have gained a peace that surpassing all understanding !!!

Just Be Still and KNOW that He is God…..


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