God Spoke…


A month or so ago…God spoke to me in a very distinct way and perhaps He will lead me to share about that one day.  For now though, I want to focus on the message I received!

He lead me to several sections of Deuteronomy…and I have been steadily seeking out and reading and praying about this.

Today…I just want to share a section from Deuteronomy 30…

We are told that today is not too difficult or beyond our reach…that the Word is VERY near to us!!! In this we can find HOPE because He tells us – TODAY is NOT too difficult and His word is the absolute TRUTH…but here is the most important part…We are to OBEY it!

We are also told that He has set before us “life and prosperity” but also “death and destruction”…and then…He gives us a CHOICE! We are commanded to Love our Lord, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commands and we will live and be blessed…If we choose to turn our hearts away by not being obedient and/or by bowing down to other gods (and this “other gods” does not have to be a statue or some other false religion – it can be anything that you put before God – and if we get REAL with ourselves…we can be guilty of this on many levels with many things – right?) – the word says we will certainly be destroyed…

It is really all about our choices…I chose the picture of my boys when they were little for today’s blog post because there is distinct instruction in these scriptures regarding teaching our children the truth and to obey it! My boys although pretty much men (in number of years anyway :) ) hear the message about choices and what they mean regarding the word of God – as they would probably say “too much”… Yes, their mom is a “Jesus Girl” which some would probably translate into “Jesus Freak” and I would say…YES! That is ME!!! He has done so much for me and taught me so much….sometimes I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

This section of scripture goes on to say – Choose LIFE, so that you and your children may LIVE…We are called to FOLLOW HIM!!! Will there be trials??? Yes, of course there will be – the word tells us that there will be :)  Take them as opportunities to learn and to grow closer to God – you will be amazed at the strength and blessings you gain!

I encourage you today to …Take up your Cross and FOLLOW HIM with all of your heart !!!

Deuteronomy 30:11-20

Jesus Girl

What is Your Bullet???

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What is your bullet???

My husband and I lead a Celebrate Recovery program at our local church (Cornerstone Church of Cochran) every Monday night at 7 pm.  It is a teaching and support meeting for people with hurts, habits, or hangups which every human on the planet has one or more of :)

We have a passion for helping people especially in the area of addiction.  I lead the women’s small group the second half of the meeting.  We are incredibly grateful for God allowing us to serve in this way…

It is truly a blessing for me each and every Monday night in so many ways, and I also learn new things!!! A couple weeks ago someone shared about a tool used in a rehab facility they were familiar with  – it is called your bullet.  It may be a concept used in alot of them….I am not sure.   I loved the concept though!

This can be used in every aspect of our lives every day! Some of us already do this in a sense – just not using the phrase “bullet”.

Find that SPECIAL scripture that really speaks to your heart….memorize that scripture.  Write it over and over – whatever it takes for you to be able to recite it when needed.

My number one go to scripture has always been Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and Know that I am God” – there was a time period in my life where God consistently put that verse in front of me daily!!! Even today when I get caught up in trying to make things happen on my own….controlling everything :) He will bring that scripture back in front of me – whether it is in a devotion, on social media, on the radio – I will be reminded and He makes sure of it :) It is a great scripture and it can apply to anything that I have going on in my life at ANY given moment! It is “my bullet”.

I encourage you today to find that special scripture that speaks to YOU and write it on your heart and write it on paper until you have it memorized.  When you are facing a challenging moment in your day – whatever that may look like for you (however big or small)….SHOOT YOUR BULLET!!!

Jesus Girl :)

Return to Him…


Where are you today?

In Isaiah, God tells us that “in repentance and rest is our salvation and in quietness and trust is our strength”.  Where are you?  Are you trusting in Him?

Hmmm…Am I trusting “solely” in Him today?

I know as moms, we want the best for our babies, correct? If your baby is a newborn or your baby is 21 years old…still your “baby” right? I think only us as moms can really get that!!! God blesses us with those “babies” as a gift…and only for a little while.   Ultimately…they are His! Ultimately…they have to answer to Him one day!

Sometimes we just have to Let Go and move out of the way and Let God…That can be a tough one for me as my personality is one of being in control of situations in my life :) Those of you “triangles” out there can relate to this, right? This is where “in quietness and trust” in Him that I find my strength…I can remember a day when I used to want that peace I saw in other Christians.  I finally got a hunger (just a few years ago actually) that pushed me to seek out that peace by doing what was required on my end…surrendering in obedience…He was always there waiting with open arms for me!!! Now thinking back…His timing was absolutely perfect as always because in the storms of my current life – I would surely have drowned already :) without it!

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” – What if you did not do that in previous years of raising your child??? Start today!!! Be their light in this world of darkness…Strive with everything you have to be a Godly example to them.  It is NEVER too late to start sowing the right kinds of seeds :)  If you have been sowing those good seeds…continue onward mamas as God’s Word says “Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her” – Luke 1:45

His Word will not return VOID…Write His Words on your heart and most of all…write them on your babies’ hearts!!! (Little Babies or Big Babies – does not matter!)

Been doing that and doing that and you are EXHAUSTED???

Return to Him…and in quiet time with Him and trusting in Him…you will find your strength!


My Lifeguard….


A lifeguard is someone who supervises the “safety and rescue” of people in the water.  I know that my moms out there can especially relate to this…Sometimes, I feel like I am “in the water” – some days just floating along peacefully, but other days constantly fighting the pull of the undertow or even worse…beginning to drown!

It could be the infant up all night – many nights that seem never ending, the toddler who has so cleverly learned the word “no” and decides to practice it constantly, or the teenager who is making the wrong choices in a world that whispers to him/her that those choices are “okay”.

When we get caught in the undertow, our natural response is one of panic right? FEAR sets in quickly….closely after fear comes PANIC…then…without the help of a lifeguard…we can actually DROWN!!!

I want to share with you today that I have experienced all three of those scenarios and more on this journey we call “motherhood”.  I have the peaceful times of floating and oh how wonderful and relaxing they can be :).  Unfortunately, I have and still do experience those days of getting caught in the undertow – sometimes to the point of gasping!

I am so incredibly grateful today that my lifeguard “walks on water” :)

I just cry out to Jesus to COME…He rushes in to pick me up – gasping and fighting for my life and He rescues ME!!! Who am I to deserve my own personal lifeguard who walks on water??? I am just an ordinary girl…who fails daily…who does not deserve my lifeguard…A girl who is striving daily to be in obedience to His word and follow Him!

So….if He will rush in and pick ME up and safely place me back on the shore while I am in a panic about to drown…He will do the same for YOU :).

Just cry out to Him today…surrender the fight against that undertow in your life to Him completely and let Him be the lifeguard in your life as He “walks on water” and His promise is to give rest to us as we are weary and burdened.

Matthew 14:22-33

Matthew 11:28


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