TurkeyMy heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness tonight as this year’s Thanksgiving comes to an end…A day spent with family and plans for another tomorrow! Turkey and all the fixings to go with it and full tummies all around :) Hubby’s grilled turkey was amazing!!! For the Christmas turkey  – we will try the Essential Oil recipe :) Can’t wait!

There is always something we can find to be thankful for no matter how hard life may seem…having an attitude of gratitude can have a major impact on our lives :)

1 Chronicles 16:34

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Ahh…Coffee, Coffee, Coffee


Coffee and I have a “relationship”…

I have never been a die hard coffee drinker…however, when it is cold…I do love my hot cup of java! Unfortunately…it is one of the items I will be working on removing on my Mission for Wellness – 2015 :)

It did NOT happen this morning, however! I am loving my coffee with a drop of my cinnamon essential oil in it :) so comforting.  This will be a difficult removal I am afraid lol :) – it is necessary however, for my adrenal gland health.

I am going to find a wonderful replacement with possibly some homemade chai tea! I think more than anything it is the warmth and comfort from the coffee versus the coffee itself for me :) although my energy levels do increase with my morning cup of coffee – unfortunately…again not healthy for my adrenal glands.

Coffee according to recent studies does have positive effects on the body as well to include decreasing the risk for Parkinson’s Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and others…so you have to decide for yourself if it is a positive or negative for your own body.  For me the increased acidity and release of stress hormones that go along with it are enough to make me feel the need to begin to decrease my intake!

It probably will not happen tomorrow!

Mission for Wellness – 2015

Eating Sugar = Feeding Cancer…

I have cut things out of my diet and do not eat much sugar but have not totally cut it out and definitely need to…As a Health Coach…I know better!!! However, in today’s world especially where we live in the south here our diets are the very root of the sickness everywhere you look!

We have diabetes, cancer, auto-immune, chronic pain, heart disease…yet we still eat the foods that cause this and drink the drinks that cause this???

WHAT is wrong with us??? And…I am including myself in this question lol

I have the knowledge…the training…and still falling way short right now…

I know how much water my body needs to function properly EVERY day…but I am not giving my body that amount!!!

Is it because we are so conditioned to run to the local physician and get a pill that we are told will fix it??? That pill is only a band-aid…It might mask your symptoms, but it is not fixing the root of your issue. Or is it because we think it will not happen to us if it has not already???

God created our magnificent bodies to “heal themselves” when given the correct tools…which were also things “created by Him”…not synthetic toxins created by man.

Is it easy??? NO…it is the more difficult path…”the road less traveled”…However, it is definitely the BEST path!

I have pretty much spent this year “falling off the healthy eating wagon”…and trust me it is not easy getting back on it!

I am setting a goal TODAY to start working back in that direction…so that by January 1st – I can hit it full blast and cleanse my body totally from the toxins and 2015 be the best year of my life so far  :) I have plans in the future and do not want sickness to take those away…especially sickness that I have helped bring on myself by my conscious unhealthy decisions!

Who is with me??? If you do not think your body is currently a “house for sickness”…I challenge you to go purchase some urine pH strips and just check your pH first thing tomorrow morning…

I think this will motivate me to finally do my blog lol :) I am on a mission now!!!

Join me and do it with me!!! – Lets get healthy!!!

“Mission for Wellness 2015″

I think He expects it…

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

“19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”


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Whether you are interested in saving money on your favorite oils or building a business that is passionate to you...Wellness Advocates on my team are changing lives!!!

Whether you are interested in saving money on your favorite oils or building a business that is passionate to you…Wellness Advocates on my team are changing lives!!!

Today’s – Essential Oils

Great Diffuser Blends!!!

Great Diffuser Blends!!!